Children & Youth

Lil’Venture (0 to 5 years of age)

At LifeWay, we love and value kids! We believe children’s
ministry is absolutely critical to the life and the health of
the church. And like you, we are concerned about the moral
and character development of our children. So we’ve made
a commitment to care for, teach, and challenge kids to trust in Jesus and put their young faith into action.



Kid Venture (K to Grade 5)

Our kids are going to form their first impressions about God and the church through our ministry, so we want that picture to accurately reflect how awesome it is to have a relationship with the God of the universe. We want kids to love God’s Word, to be a part of a small group of believers, and to use their gifts and abilities to serve others now and later, so we’d better do an excellent job of painting the picture for them while they are young. As we strive to make these things happen in our ministry and do it with excellence, we make it the best hour of every kid’s week!



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