September 23, 2012 – His Continuing Story

Part 2 in the new sermon series, Infusion, by Pastor Kevin Crain.

Ever wonder:
Where is God?
What is he doing?
Is he done with me or is there more to come?
The fact is, God is always working! And whether you’ve been able to see it or not, he has been moving in your life. He has plans for you! The Bible says that God is pouring into YOU the necessary ingredients for a fulfilled and satisfying life. What are they and what do they look like? This month at LifeWay Church, we invite you to join us at Orting Middle School Commons as Pastor Kevin Crain begins a new series of messages called INFUSION that will explore five essential ingredients that God pours into our lives: his attentive focus, his continuing story, his sustaining message, his purposeful gifts, and his empowering Spirit.

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