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Praise & worship – Teaching – Brunch – “What God is Doing” (sharing, testimonies) – Closing worship
Imagine being part of a community centered on knowing, loving, and serving God. A place where you and your whole family can share spiritual life with people just like you, who know you and are invested in you personally. This is an authentic biblical community.

There are some features of our worship service that really mark LifeWay as being unlike any other church you’ve probably ever seen:

For example, we don’t have a pastor. (We used to have one. He and his family felt God calling them to serve Him in a new way, and we released them to go with our blessing.) We may have a pastor again some day. In the mean time, we work and train together in small teams, as one united team, to fulfill all the vital functions of the church: teaching, pastoring, missions outreach, administration, children’s care and training, and worship. We don’t just attend church; we live it!

Another way we’re different is we share a meal together every week as part of the service. We believe “fellowship” (an old-fashioned word that just means togetherness and companionship) is really important — and there’s nothing like a good meal to break down barriers and turn strangers into friends. We use our time around the tables to eat together, pray for each other, and just talk. We don’t want to be fancy. We do want to be genuine.

We’re also a little different in the way we include and engage our children in our worship services:

Kids up to 2nd grade join us in the big room for the singing, then move with a leader to the café for a 30-minute lesson before returning to eat brunch with us, either at a kids table or with their parents — whatever makes them and the parents comfortable.

Children from 3rd grade to high school participate in the main service, where they can experience worship across generations, see examples of godly living from grown-ups, and grow toward an adult faith.

Kids of all ages are encouraged to share just like everyone else during the open sharing time at the end of the service.

It’s our vision that our meeting place and our congregation would provide a warm and welcoming environment where regular, real people can experience God. We believe church is about being a family, and we would love for you to be a part of ours here at LifeWay. Let’s encourage each other on our faith journey!



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