Kristen Lumsden

Kristen Lumsden

The journey that brought me to this position, as worship director of LifeWay Church, was entirely God-led, one step at a time. I didn’t set out to become a worship director. Like Moses, I doubted my ability to be used by God. All I could see in myself were the weaknesses that would disqualify me from his service. It’s amazing and humbling that he placed me here, knowing he had fashioned me to be a perfect fit.

I grew up in a household that loved God, used music frequently and lavishly to express our hearts, and sought out other families who shared a heart for the Lord and an affinity for music. I wrote music and participated in numerous bands, orchestras, and choirs in my school years; even while I was in college pursuing an English major, I found ways to give music an active role in my life, through classes and personal projects. But toward the end of my college career, my husband, Michael, and I, realizing we were at a crossroads, made some bold decisions. On June 20, 1999, the day after my college graduation, we moved from our home state of California to Washington. I put aside my interest in music as a hobby and turned my attention instead to raising our children and establishing a new home for the family.

But even though I was resigned to putting music aside for good, God had other plans for my training, talents, and heart. We found LifeWay Church in Federal Way in December 1999. After a number of years, I took a tentative step and began to sing on the church worship team and serve in other capacities (both musical and otherwise) at church. In fall of 2009, when then-children’s pastor Kevin Crain was offered the pastorship of LifeWay Church in Orting, he asked me to head the Orting worship team. After a whole lot of prayer and counsel, I accepted and began leading Orting’s worship ministry in December 2009.

Leading the worship ministry for LifeWay is an honor that I never take for granted even for a moment. The journey that brought me here is a reminder to me that we don’t have to be perfect, polished or have halos around our heads in order to bend our knees and open our hearts to give God our best.

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